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Marriage Encounter Scotland Prayer

Lord be with us all and help us to remember why we gather together in this way:- to grow closer to God to grow closer to our spouse; to grow closer to one another, that you may be formed more and more in us!

Help us to remember that there is no growth without pain, so when the painful times come, may we truly "Love one another" as you loved us. Let it be said of us in truth: "Behold how these Christians love one another"


Photos of a Community Night

Marriage Encounter Weekend  Gillis Centre , EDINBURGH

This Weekend involved 6 couples. 4 were from the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, one from Glasgow and one from Paisley.

All the couples involved expressed the view that the Weekend had been very beneficial to them.

Diaconate Weekend ,Conforti Institute, Coatbridge 

This was not a Marriage Encounter Weekend. Marriage Encounter provides much of the input for diaconate candidates - getting the candidates  along with their spouses  to look at their Sacrament of Marriage and how it would be affected by their involvement with the permanent diaconate. There were 5 couples involved and they were joined by a widower . An additional feature on this occasion was one of the Encounter team members was a married deacon who presented along with his wife. 

Marriage Encounter presented a programme on Friday and Saturday which had the couples look at their marriage from its beginnings until now. This was followed by inputs from married deacons and their wives on how the diaconate affected the marriage.